Unleashed: Anokha's Debut Album

University of Maryland's Anokha
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The University of Maryland's Anokha presents to you: , Anokha's debut studio album. Within these 28 minutes and 11 seconds you will find yourself transported to a world with generous kick snares, dangerous suspended seconds, and mesmerizing rhythms that will have you tapping your toes or your money back!  Inundate yourself with the Unleashed sounds of exclusively our voices! This will be one free purchase you WON'T regret!

This album is exactly 0 dollars and 0 cents! We do, however, beseech that if you are so inclined to be generous and enjoyed the music that graced those ear canals, to donate even a dollar or two to Anokha's cause. We would be forever indebted (and might even give you a shoutout on our Facebook account)! 

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Anokha deftly mixes hindi and english sounds to produce infectious tunes. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or check us out on our website.

Album Credits

Tracking/Editing by Emerald City Productions

Mixing by The Vocal Company

Mastering by Vocal Mastering


1. Love Me Again 

    Original Artist: John Newman
    Soloists: Eshwari Murty, Mary Fernandes
    VP: Neil Chainani
    Arranged by: Deepak Kumar (Maize Mirchi)

2. Dil Se/Madness

   Original Artist: A.R. Rahman / Muse
   Soloists: Mihir Patel, Niti Dharwadkar
   VP: Sanjay Chainani
   Arranged by: Neil Chainani

3. Teri Deewani

   Original Artist: Kailash Kher
   Soloists: Purvi Nanavaty, Mihir Patel, Niti Dharwadkar
   VP: Souvik Ghosh
   Arranged by: Neil Chainani

4. Hurt

   Original Artist: Johnny Cash
   Soloists: Gururam Ambalavanar, Mary Fernandes, Nikhil Manohar
   Arranged by: Shabaab Kamal

5. The Scientist/Iktara

   Original Artist: Coldplay / Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
   Soloists: Sara Mahmood, Alexander Goniprow
   VP: Sanjay Chainani
   Arranged by: Neil Chainani

6. Radioactive/Too Close

   Original Artist: Imagine Dragons / Alex Clare
   Soloists: Eshwari Murty, Sara Mahmood
   VP: Souvik Ghosh
   Arranged by: Shabaab Kamal

7. Blood on the Leaves

   Original Artist: Kanye West
   Soloists: Purvi Nanavaty, Eshwari Murty, Nikhil Manohar, Niti Dharwadkar
   VP: Souvik Ghosh
   Arranged by: Nikhil Manohar

I want this!

This album contains 7 awesome tracks.

Love Me Again
Dil Se/ Madness
Teri Deewani
The Scientist/Iktara
Radioactive/Too Close
Blood on the Leaves


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Unleashed: Anokha's Debut Album

1 rating
I want this!